Video Marketing

Video is a powerful marketing tool which can bring many benefits to your business.  This is the reason that video marketing has been widely adopted by many of the big companies.

Nowadays, videos are easy to shoot without having to have access to big budget camera and lighting equipment.  There are plenty of successful marketing videos which have been shot with an iPhone.  In fact, you don’t even have to be on camera to have a successful marketing video for your business.

Unlike most video production companies, we guarantee affordable video production that will help drive more traffic, more leads and more customers to your Business.

We only work with businesses that we feel can benefit most from our fast and affordable turnaround, helping them get more exposure using video.

Our goal is to help build your brand using video and other services online to gain maximum exposure.

How We Create Videos

The majority of the videos we create involve motion graphics, images, background music and effects, and a voice over where necessary.  These are commonly called internet promo videos, or explainer videos, and can be super effective at getting your message across because they are so engaging.

The attention span of an average individual watching a video is around seven minutes, often much less. You need to capture their attention thoroughly so they will continue to watch the video and see your call to action e.g. “Call Us Now!” or “Contact Us Today!”

When a video captures the viewers excitement, that’s when it has the potential to go viral, spreading across the internet as more and more people share it with their friends and colleagues, which in turn will lead to a huge increase in traffic to your website.

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